Winter is upon us and the lakes and shorelines are starting to freeze over.  R&J Machine wants to help you protect your Boathouse and shoreline structures from ice freezing around them and potentially wreaking havoc on your hard earned invenstments. By installing a De-Icing unit you help lower the risk of experiencing such damage.


Kasco R&J Machine de-icers aerators

Kasco has been offering de-icing solutions since 1968 and their De-Icers can be used for a variety of solutions. The Kasco de-icer draws warmer denser water from the bottom of the lake and circulates it upward to the surface to prevent ice formation and can also melt existing ice. This is an excellent way to help prevent ice damage to your waterfront or boathouse.

Along with your De-Icer unit you can also install one of a couple timer options so you don’t have the unit running 24 hours a while you are away from the cottage.  Kasco offers a Timer Control (C10), unit as well as a Time and Temperature Control (C20) unit.


A couple things to remember in regards to Safety and Operation:

  1. Periodically check in, or have someone check in, on the unit to make sure everything is set up and running properly.
  2. Keep an eye on the water levels.  If the water level lowers too much it can prohibit the De-Icer unit from working properly and could get frozen in and damaged.

Follow this link, De-Icers/Aerators, to find out more information and pricing regarding these fantastic units.