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Hydro Extreme Boatlift

Feature stainless steel rods & corrosion resistant glands

R&J Machines new Hydro Extreme Boat Lift is an aluminum Vertical hydraulic lift. This unique design allows for shallow water boat entry and comes standard with a DC hydraulic pump complete with wireless remote control operation.

This lift feature stainless steel rods and corrosion resistant glands, designed specifically for harsh marine environments and military applications as well as Stainless Steel hard hydraulic lines. The cylinders are mounted in the cradle so they are completely out of the water in the up position. Quick disconnections allow for easy and quick pump removal.

Hydro Extreme Lift manufactured by R&J Machine
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Weight capacity 6000 & 10,000lbs

Bunks can be configured for standard VHull or Pontoon Boats.

60โ€of Lift Travel

6061 Aluminum Frame

Stainless Steel Lifting Cables

Grease axles on all pulleys

Stainless Steel Cylinder Rods in display room

Stainless Steel Cylinder Rods

Stainless steel hard hydraulic line system

Stainless steel hard hydraulic line system

Grease axles on all pulleys.

Grease axles on all pulleys

Delrin Corner Guides for smooth operation

The Extreme Hydraulic Vertical Lift is a versatile and convenient option for boat owners, offering several features that enhance the boating experience.

One notable feature is its capacity options, with choices of either 6000 lb. or 10,000 lb. This allows boat owners to select the lift that suits their specific boat size and weight.

A standout feature compared to standard Hydraulic Lifts is its ability to operate in very shallow water conditions, requiring just 9 inches of water under the lowest part of the boat. This makes it suitable for areas with low water levels.

The lift includes a DC hydraulic pump and a remote control that is mounted in a dock box for easy access. Additionally, a 12-volt deep cycle battery is included for power supply, providing convenience and reliability.

The hydraulic cylinders are specially designed for harsh marine environments, featuring stainless steel rams and corrosion-resistant double lip seals. When in the up position, the cylinders are positioned out of the water, minimizing the risk of water damage and corrosion.

With a lift travel of 5 feet, the lift offers significant vertical movement, making it effortless to launch and retrieve your boat.

Smooth operation is ensured through the use of grease axles on all pulleys, which not only enhances durability but also reduces friction for a more efficient lifting process.

The lifting cables are made of stainless steel, known for its strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. This ensures the lift’s longevity and reliability.

The unique design of the lift allows for entry from either side of your boat, providing convenience and ease of use during the launching and storage process.

The bunks, made of extruded rubber, are supported by an aluminum extrusion support assembly. They are fully adjustable thanks to an accessory track in the bed, allowing for proper alignment and support for your boat.

Customization options are available to further enhance the lift’s functionality. These include full-length side guides for added guidance, a roof assembly for overhead protection, and a winter lift-up attachment for convenient winter storage.

Overall, the Extreme Hydraulic Vertical Lift offers a range of features that enhance the boating experience. Whether it’s the capacity options, shallow water operational capability, durable construction, ease of use, or customizable options, this lift is designed to meet the needs of boat owners and provide them with a reliable and convenient lifting solution.