Pipe Dock Ramps

Our Aluminum framed ramps work as the perfect transition piece going from your shoreline to your main Pipe Dock, or from one dock to another. The ramps can be connect to our shoreline plate, another dock section, or you can leave it resting on top of the shore. Our ramps are composed of Aluminum framework, Stainless Steel hardware, hold down trim strips and  decking options to match your dock.  The decking is made in 2′ panels, just as our dock systems, and is held down by our custom extrusion  aluminum trim strips and stainless steel hardware. As shown below we have different variations of ramps to support our different docking systems. These ramps are available in various widths and lengths.

Aluminum Framed Ramp decked in Veka Pvc Aluminum Truss Pipe Dock and Ramp decked in Western Redwood Cedar

Aluminum Pipe Dock Ramp
6′ X 12′ Ramp connected to a Custom Shore base, attached to a 6′ x 18′ Floating Dock. Ramp and Dock and Custom Base Plate decked in Grey Veka PVC Decking.


Tapered Ramps

Our Tapered Ramps are constructed using aluminum truss framework the same as our Floating Dock Systems. This provides more strength and stability when connected to a floating dock system as a floating dock will face greater degrees of pressure and movement inflicted by water levels and weather. One end of the Tapered Ramp will be connected to the shore and will have a taper to the framework to accommodate a greater degree of flexibility for greater water level fluctuations.  The end connected to the dock will have a foam filled billet installed to give the floating dock system additional support as well as allows the end of the ramp to float on the water while you attach the floating dock. This makes for easier installations and removals for the changing seasons. These ramps are also available in various widths and lengths.

Tapered Ramp to Floating Dock Aluminum Floating Dock Tapered Ramp


Lift-Up Tapered Ramps

We can also make out Tapered Ramps into a Lift-Up version by including some additional bracing and gantry in the framework.  The additional bracing provides the ramp more strength when the unit is lifted by the gantry.  The gantry will fold down into the ramp and be covered by the decking panels for the summer and then makes for easy lifting in the fall. Once you detach the floating dock portion of the system you then remove the decking panels and this will expose the gantry.  Attach the cables to the end of the ramp and to the winch, then winch the tapered ramp up for the winter.
Lift Up Tapered Ramp Floating Dock - with Lift Up Tapered Ramp


Wavex Dock Ramp

As described on our Wavex Modular Docks page, these units are designed for our mid-weight, low profile dock system.  Manufactured with an aluminum framework and stainless steel hardware, these ramps weigh in the range of 90 – 135lbs depending on the width of the ramp.
They come in standard 10′ lengths and varying widths of 4′, 6′ or 8′.
Wavex Pipe Dock Ramp Aluminum Pipe Dock Ramp