Aluminum Lift Up Truss Pipe Docks

Over the past 27 years we have developed one of the easiest ways to remove your dock for winter storage. The aluminum truss design provides ample strength to allow the entire frame assembly to lift up. As winter rolls around, simply lift off your decking in 2’ sections, hook up the winch cable to the folding gantry and crank up your dock. Your lift-up dock is attached to the shoreline by a hinged base plate. The winch assembly can be mounted in your lawn using a removable stand so that it is out of the way for the summer months. The gantry is lowered into the dock frame so that it is hidden from view once the decking has been put back on. Like our standard pipe docks our lift docks feature 2-3/8” O.D leg and heavy duty side extrusions. additional X-bracing and corner gussets allow us to span up to 48’ in length. Our lift-up pipe docks can operate in water up to 15’ deep, and they can be designed to go straight out from shore, in a “T”, “L” or “U” shape, or run parallel to shore. We invite you to compare the quality of our docks with that of any of our competitors.

A sales associate would be happy to meet with you on site to discuss the possibility of installing an R&J Machine  Lift Up Dock system.
Lift up Dock raised for winter
All of our lift docks are available in frame only configuration or with 2’ removable decking panels. The decking panels are locked in place using easy to remove full length hold down trim strips. This prevents your decking panels from coming off in rough water, while enabling you to remove your panels in the fall without getting in the water.

Lift Up U Dock with pro Decking
Cables and gantry are hidden under decking panels out of site during summer months

u shaped lift dock raised for winter
Price Includes

  • Dock
  • Folding Tower
  • Lift Cables
  • Tie Back Cables
  • Automatic Brake Winch
  • Detachable Winch Stand
  • Standard Shore Base Plate
  • Re-enforced corner gussets on dock frame
  • Additional X-Bracing in dock frame
  • Heavy Duty Side Extrusion

All of our docks purchased with decking come with fascia board at no additional cost. Our 2 3/8” pipe leg is sold on a per foot basis so you only pay for the exact length needed. We have a complete line of dock accessories such as dock bumper, cleats, solar lights, ladders, stairs, and flagpoles.

Aluminum Lift Up Step Truss Pipe Docks

Realizing the need for a lift dock in areas where ice movement can cause damage, we have developed this  style of dock. A deck style platform hinges to your land back away from your shore. A set of steps allows you to access your lower docking area. The entire dock, steps and upper deck area cranks up for winter. This allows the ice to pile up at your shore and reduce the risk of any damage to your dock.

The Lift Up Step Dock is also great in situations where there is a significant height difference between your shoreline and water level.  By starting out with a higher platform and then stepping down it allows you to get to a  level appropriate for swimming or boating.

A fold down gantry is completely hidden in the summer months. Each dock is custom built for your particular shoreline. Available in straight, “T” end or “U” or “L” formation. All of these docks use the same truss design frame as our standard lift docks. The legs are all 2-3/8″ O.D. for extra rigidity.

Lift up aluminum step dock raised for winter
One of our Aluminum Lift Step docks raised up to prepare for winter.

Price Includes

  • Dock with one step assembly (additional steps are extra)
  • Folding Tower
  • Lift cables
  • Tie back cables
  • Automatic brake winch
  • Detachable winch stand
  • Standard shore base plate
  • Re-enforced corner gussets on dock frame
  • Additional X-Bracing in dock frame
  • Heavy duty side extrusion

green spawn fish white & mod - transparent

Fish Friendly Dock Structure – Cantilever (Lift-Up) Pipe docks have minimal contact with the lake bed because only the base of the legs come in contact with the lake bottom.  When installed properly Lift-Up docks can cause minimal shoreline disruption and they allow the water to flow freely beneath the framework while still providing a shaded, protected area for fish to gather.  Lift-Up pipe docks are not suitable for areas with extreme water fluctuation.

More Photos of Our Lift Up & Lift Up Step Docks