120 Volt Electric Winch

Electric Boat Lift Winch Electric Boat Lift Winch pulley

Electric winch with R&J exclusive level winding spool to prevent cable damage.

Lift Size H.P.
1800 – 2400 lbs. 1/2 HP
3000 – 4000 lbs 3/4
5000 – 6000 lbs. 1

Gem Remotes – Remote Control

  • On/Off Security Switch
  • Manual Up/Down Switch or One-touch automatic Up/Down Switch (Auto-Stop)
  • Three Button Hand Held Radio Transmitter (remote control)
  • Unit can be wired at 110 or 220V AC

Gem Remote for Boatlifts and Marine Railway


If you are looking to upgrade your manual brake winch, we can install a Lift Tech Electric winch directly onto your existing Dutton Lasson manufactured  Manual Brake Winch.

Manual AC Boat Lift Motor A/C 110 Volt

lift tech manual motor -ac-2016

Wireless Remote A/C Boat Lift Motor

Now with Blue Tooth technology with remote control options

Lift-Tech Wireless Remote A/C lift tech key-fob-2016 lift tech manual motor -ac-2016


Lift Tech Wireless Remote D/C Boat Lift Motor

Motor with 12v Solar Battery System

lift tech 12v battery solar winch system with remote

Lift Tech Remote – Programming Guide

Now with Blue Tooth technology with remote control options

Click here to view the programming guide for your LiftTech remote

For more information of the Lift Tech winches click here.



Solar panel mount for Hydraulic Lifts that have a roof canopy accessory, aluminum Tray attachment for 12v Solar Power Battery Unit

12 Volt Winch with Solar panel Aluminum Tray attachment for 12v Solar Power Battery Box



Full Length Side Guides

Boat Lift Full Length side guides

Full length carpeted guides that run parallel to the rub rail of your boat, to allow easier steering onto your lift in windy conditions. Comes as a standard item on Wakeboard/Ski Boat Lifts.

Full length Side guides are available for Cantilever, Vertical, Vertical Pontoon, Hydraulic, Wet Slip and Hidden beam boat Lifts

Raised Bunks

Boat Lift raised bunk posts

Full length carpeted bunks that have raised posts to prevent the fins and drive shaft on your ski or Wakeboard boat from getting damaged. Comes as a standard items on our Wakeboard/Ski Boat lift.

Pontoon Boat Bunks

Full length “V” standard carpeted bunks that can be added to our Vertical Boat Lift to accommodate a pontoon boat. Available for 2 or 3 pontoons.

Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift with side guides
Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift with tritoon support and full length side guides

Wheel Kits

Standard Wheel Kit
Standard Wheel Kit consists of a Pair of 18″ wheels with mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware that enables you to bolt the wheels onto lift and wheel into place.  This unit then needs to be removed before Boat Lift can be used.



Cantilever Boat Lift with a Red Canopy

For more information and colour choices for our Boat Lift roof Systems check out our Roof Systems page.

Cat Walk Brackets

A set of “L” brackets that get bolted onto the side of your boat lift to make it easier to fasten a mooring cover on to your boat, load gear and general maintenance to your boat. Wood is not included.

Cantilever lift with catwalk brackets