PWC Lifts

Our lightweight aluminum Watercraft Lifts are like no other on the market today. Seeing the need for a more structurally sound lift for today’s larger personal watercraft, we responded by going to a wider dual pivot point system.

R&J Machine - PWC LIft 2019

Because the PWC Lift winch can be mounted on either side on the lift, you can easily install one on each side of your dock or have a small dock in the centre of two lifts to make it easy to board, cover and fuel your lifts.

R&J Machine - PWC Lift
Our Pwc Lift operates in shallower water than previous designs needing only 12″ to operate.

We also relocated the winch to the outside of the lift, making it much easier to reach while standing on a dock. All pivot points ride on Delrin bushings, our pulleys use bronze bushings and the units come with marine grade carpeted bunks.

Our Pwc Lift is also available as an unassembled unit for easy pick-up/shipping.  The PWC 1200 manual provides detailed instruction for easy assembling of your lift on site.

Capacity Lift Height
1200 lbs. 3.5′

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Longer legs can be added to our lifts to accommodate water depths up to 6′.  For clients that require a floating PWC lift we also carry the Wave Armour line of PWC lifts. Available in 5′ and 6′ widths, they are also available for fixed or floating dock systems.

Wave Armor Logo High Res SLX 5 6 EVO

Wave Armour PWC Lifts

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Roller Ramp Systems

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Roller Ramp
Roller Ramp systems work well for those that want to pull their personal watercraft or small boat up onto a sand beach area or low grade shoreline.