Ample strength and support to carry your boat with ease.

Marine railway with custom front nose guide

R & J Machine manufactures the ultimate in marine railway systems. Our tracks are designed with two truss rods to prevent warping under heavy loads and are attached with 1″ pins, eliminating rusted nuts and bolts. There are attachment brackets for levellers, when required. All of our bunks are full-length to support your boat in the keel area and fully carpeted to prevent scratches. This method of support also allows for easy alignment when entering the carriage.

The wheels are flanged steel casters, designed for marine railway use, with grease fittings and brass bearings, supported front and back by twin support beams. Guide hooks keep the carriage from becoming derailed when loading during windy conditions.  Your boat can safely come within inches of your dock for easy boarding.

Marine railway for 20000lb boat
Adjustable guideposts, with scratch resistant material, guide your boat easily and safely onto the carriage.

Manual or electric winches are available. The manual winch has an automatic brake that stops the cable if your hand should slip off the handle. The electric winch features a fully reversing motor with automatic overload protector. Remote controls, as well as push-pull winches, allow you to get your boat in and out of the water with ease. Aluminum tracks are also available for most models and feature the same unique features as our steel tracks, and they come in 6’6″ lengths.

All our carriages and steel tracks are galvanized for superior rust protection.

Prices Include

  • Adjustable Side Guides
  • All models come standard with a grease fitting in the wheel axle to make greasing your wheels a breeze.
  • Track sections pin together to prevent rusted and lost nuts and bolts.
  • Single Set of full length carpeted bunks
  • 1 – 12′ Nose Cone
  • 2 – 10′ Steel Galvanized Tracks or 2 – 6.5′ Aluminum track sections
Cement in Marine Railway system into Boathouse floor
Tracks can be cemented in flush with boathouse floor.
6000 lb Pontoon Railway Tritoon
Our pontoon bunks cradle the pontoons to prevent any damage, making them suitable for aircraft floats as well.




  • We also have shallow water carriages for minimal water depth and special carriages designed to carry fixed-keel sailboats and pontoon boats.
  • Cantilever lift-up tracks are available for installations with up to 45′ of in-water track. All our carriages and steel tracks are galvanized for superior rust protection.
  • Lift out door sections available
  • Levelers attach where necessary.

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