Accessories for Marine Railway Systems


Cantilever Lift-Up Tracks

To make seasonal installations and removals more convenient, Cantilever Lift-Up Tracks are available to allow you to simply crank the tracks up for winter storage and allows for installations with up to 40′ of in-water track.  This option is available for our 2000, 4000 & 6000 lb. systems. Installations depend on the terrain and a site inspection is recommended. All our carriages and steel tracks are galvanized for superior rust protection.

Lift Up Marine Railway lifting off of cement pier with galvanized section raised over open water and ice



Cement-in Land Track

Tracks can be cemented in flush with boathouse floor to give a nice clean look to your Boathouse, and helps prevent tripping over the tracks.

Marine railway with cement in track sections  Marine Railway cement in tracks cemented into a Dry Slip  Marine railways into dry slip boathouse


Remote Control – Bring your Marine Railway carriage in and out of the water without having to leave your dock/boat.   

  • On/Off Security Switch
  • Manual Up/Down Switch or One-touch automatic Up/Down Switch (Auto-Stop)
  • Three Button Hand Held Radio Transmitter (remote control)
  • Unit can be wired at 110 or 220V AC

We can manufacture special carriages for pontoon boats, fixed keel sailboats, centre drive Wakeboard boats and aircraft. Adjustable guideposts, with scratch resistant material, guide your boat easily and safely onto the carriage.Custom Carriages



Leg Levelers

Adjustable levelers manufactured from galvanized steel or aluminum to support and level your marine railway tracks going over uneven terrain and over walls or drop offs. Our four different sizes give the ability to cover a range from 8″ to 32″. The levelers also use stainless steel hardware to eliminate rust and help ease with the adjusting of heights to fit your needs.

Aluminum Leg Leveller for Marine Railway  Galvanized steel mini Leg Leveller   Marine railway for 37 offshore boat