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R&J Machine is a proud dealer of Wave Armour products to go alongside our very own waterfront solutions.  As we are already a dealer of the Wave Armour Wave Port Evo and SLX Line of floating Pwc Lifts and Otter Island Swim Rafts; NOW!  We have expanded our line of products to include the Wave Armour Floating Docks series of products and accessories.



Wave Armour – Wave Docks

Modular design allows Wave Armour Docks and Ports to be assembled into an infinite number of layouts to obtain the exact configuration desired. Complete your dock design with a full line of accessories that integrate beautifully within the dock system.

Wave Armour Wave Dock Floating Dock System Configuration 2


Superior Design. Strength in innovation.

Each Wave Armour modular dock section combines two RotoMolded polyethylene components.  A top deck with unique Flagstone texture and a marine grade (EPS) foam filled float with specially designed pockets that vacuum-seal to the water’s surface, providing superior stability.

The innovative and patented design allows for infinite configuration options and the ability to attach an endless variety of accessories utilizing hidden connection channels along the perimeter of each section – Wave Armour


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Wave Armour Wave Dock Floating Dock System Configurations


If you are interested in a floating Wave Port, click here to be redirected to our Wave Port page.