Swim Rafts

Aluminum Frame Swim Rafts

Our Aluminum Frame Swim Rafts are manufactured in two sizes, 8′ x 8′ and 10′ x 10′. They are available with Pressure Treated, Cedar or PVC Decking. The foam filled flotation billets provide over 1600 lbs. of flotation. Prices listed below are frame only and increase as per your decking choice.

*Please contact for current pricing

Otter Island Swim Raft

The Otter Island Swim Rafts are 8′ x 10′ constructed of 100% weatherproof polyethylene and have a non-slip surface. They come with adjustable back rests inc. small storage space, a pop-up table, and an aluminum hinged ladder. The Rafts weight 300 lbs. and has a capacity weight of 3000 lbs.


Beige w/Green Table 8’ x 10’


adjustable back rests and a pop up table
Yellow w/Blue Table 8′ x 10′

Island Seat Covers
*prices subject to change without notice, please contact for current pricing

Kayak Racks

A sturdy and stylish way to store your kayaks or canoes near the water where you use them. Stow your Kayak along side your dock with a Universal Dock Kayak Rack which saves space on your dock platform, or use the Beach Kayak Rack that mounts on shore to any baseboard or solid platform. Light, convenient and easy to move  storage.

DockKayakRack   Universal Kayak Rack

BeachKayakRack  Beach Kayak Rack


Adjustable Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board available for three of 4 units, aluminum or black finish
Adjustable Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board stand available for 3 of 4 units. Available in standard Aluminum or with a black anodized finish. Please call for pricing.


Lower Seating Platform

A lower seating platform that can bolt onto the side or end of your dock to provides easier access to the water for swimming, kayak boarding or dangling your feet in the water.

Available in MicroPro Sienna, WRCedar, PVC or Pro Signature decking 4′ wide by 2′ deep

Regular Seated platform                              Custom Seating Platform




Umbrella Stand 

Aluminum Umbrella Stand – Fits up to a maximum 1-1/2” umbrella – can be drilled and bolted through decking and dock stringer to prevent umbrella from tipping over on windy days.