De-Icers  RJ Machine - Kasco De-Icer Bubbler for docks, boathouses shorelines 

The Kasco de-icer draws warmer denser water from the bottom of the lake and circulates it upward to the surface to prevent ice formation. This is an excellent way to help prevent ice damage to your waterfront or boathouse.

Size/HPPrice/eaAmps/VoltsThrustCord Length
3/4 HP$1044.006.7/12034 lbs.25′
3/4 HP$1080.006.7/120 V34 lbs.50′
3/4 HP$1269.006.7/120 V34 lbs.100′
1 HP$1158.006.7/120 V52 lbs.25′
1 HP$1205.006.7/120 V52 lbs.50′
1 HP$1550.006.7/120 V52 lbs.100′

*** 100′ Cord Lengths are available through special order


De-Icer Sizing Chart

Avg. Low Air TempOrientation3/4 HP1 HP
34 to 20 deg/fangled


35′ x 120′


40′ x 150′


19 to 0 deg/fangled


30′ x 80′


34′ x 90′


-1 to 20 deg/fangled


30′ x 75′


35′ x 85′


Great Lakesangled


25′ x 50′


30′ x 60′


De-Icer/360° Oscillator Combo – Price $3099.00 Oscillator

We combine a 1 h.p. De-Icer  (Aerator) with a 50′ power cord and an Electric 360° Ocsillator Unit for summer aerator applications. Helps to keep stagnant water moving during summer months and clears away unwanted weeds and silt from your waterfront.

The Aquathruster 360 Oscillator attachment is fully programmable to turn 0 or 360 degrees.  (Adjusts 20 degrees every 20 minutes)

The oscillating motor runs on low voltage power so the operational costs are minimal. Adding it to your current set up takes just a couple of minutes.

Here you will find the AquaThruster 360 assembly and installation manual.





Directional Mount for De-Icer – Price $411.00universal-dock-mount-dock-de-icer

This mounting option works well in applications where a dock is available to mount the unit to and in wet slip boathouses where having several angling options of the De-Icer is desired. Due to shipping limitations, a 1″ pipe extension needs to be supplied by the purchaser to connect the “underwater parts” and “above water” parts.



Float and Mount for De-Icer – Price $377.00horizontal-float-a

The easy-to-assemble kit consists of stainless steel components and a flotation block. The De-Icer unit is mounted horizontally to the surface of the water, just below the flotation block. The De-Icer can be angled in several positions; horizontal and above and below horizontal.




Temperature Sensor – Price $181.00Kasco-Marine-C-10-Control-Panel Thermostat

The C-10 uses an Air Temperature Thermostat to turn the De-Icer on when the temperature drops below a set temperature that you have preset.




Time/Temp Control Box – Price $313.00Kasco-Marine-C-20-Control-Panel- Time & Temperature

Controls the amount of time the De-Icer is on to save on your electrical bill. It uses both an Air Temperature Thermostat and a Timer Clock to operate the De-Icer.


 All prices are plus applicable taxes.