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Pontoon Boat Lifts

Pontoon Boat Lifts

R&J Machine offers multiple options for pontoon boat lifts, explore below to learn what is the best fit for you:

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Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift

Our Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift comes complete with V Style Bunks to support the pontoons of your boat, and outer bracing allows for maximum beam width on the lift. We also offer an adjustable tritoon support for boats that require one.

All of our vertical Boat Lifts are ideal where you have a large water fluctuation on a seasonal basis or in an area where you have large waves. All of our vertical lifts feature full length EZ adjust bunks, easy to adjust leveler legs complete with base pads.  All of our pulleys feature bronze bushings and greaseable axles. . Either an automatic brake winch or optional electric 120 volt or 12/24 volt winch is included with each lift.

Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift

A “V” side on all our lifts makes for easy access to your boat from either side.

Vertical pontoon boat lift with black canopy

Price Includes:

Boat lift with manual winch

Single set of full length carpeted bunks

Four adjustable legs with attached base pads

Rear guide posts

Options Available:

  • Full length side guides
  • Wheel kit
  • Roof systems
  • Electric Winches
  • Motor Stop

Shallow Water Pontoon Lifts

Shallow Water Pontoon Lifts work great in areas of shallow water as they will lift your Pontoon Boat from the stringers of the boat instead of the Pontoons.  These lifts are available in 3,000 lb. to 4,000 lb. capacities and have a lift height of 4′.  With our easy to adjust leg levelers and foot pads you are able to adjust the height of the lift to give you as much clearance as needed.

Carpeted pads prevent damage to the bottom of your boat, and the automatic brake winch can be mounted on either side of your lift for easy access.

Electric 120 Volt or 12/24 Solar winch upgrade available.

Shallow water pontoon lift product image
Shallow Water pontoon Lift
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Interested in installation?

A sales associate would be happy to meet with you on site to discuss the possibility of installing an R&J Machine Pontoon Boat Lift and discuss you options.

Contact us to discuss an install

Hydraulic Pontoon Boat lifts

Our Hydraulic Boat Lifts have incorporated the latest in technology. The hydraulic system will quietly and quickly remove your boat from the water. All pivot points on the bed have bronze bushings and stainless steel lift pins. Our hydraulic cylinders are filled with biodegradeable fluid to protect the environment should a seal or hydraulic line ever fail. Our hydraulic rams are specially coated to provide long life in a harsh marine environment. We use special double lip seals to keep water out while keeping the hydraulic fluid in.

Our upgraded hydraulic cylinders now come standard with Socatri Rods and corrosion resistant glands, designed specifically for harsh marine environments and military applications.

The entire system runs by a 12 volt battery. A solar panel on the top of the dock helps to keep your battery charged.

Hydraulic Lift for Tritoon Pontoon Boat
Solar panel on dock

Our hydraulic pump and battery unit is contained in an attractive dock box.

Other Pontoon Boat Options:

We also manufacture a Wet Slip Boat Lift for Pontoon Boats as well as a Hidden Beam Wet Slip Lift.

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