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Hidden Beam Wet Slip Lifts

Hidden Beam Wet Slip LIfts

A unique boat lift design uses hydraulic power that is hidden under the decking to lift boats ranging in size from 4000 – 10,000 lb. quietly and faster than conventional Wet Slip lifts. Synchronized cylinders lift the cradle with the push of a button by remote control. The hydraulic power pack is an AC Unit which includes limit switches to ensure both sides are kept level. Also, in some cases a decked platform can also be added to cover the cradle for the ultimate custom lift.

Design and installation of these lifts should be incorporated into initial construction design however we can, if necessary retro fit it on some existing permanent steel docks and boat houses.

They are powered hydraulically for speed and quiet operation.

Boat and two personal water crafts in a boat house.

R&J Machine manufactured Commercial Floating Dock system includes a Hidden Wet Slip Lift with Roof, Tapered Ramp leading out from an Aluminum Truss Pipe Dock, and Wave Ports

Hidden Beam Wet Slip Lift with decked platform- Boathouse fabrication by Greenway Construction

Hidden Wet Slip Lift in a single slip Boathouse