New Lower-profile Floating Dock System

R&J machine has designed a new floating dock system that offers the same superior quality floating dock system that R&J Machine is known for, in a lower profile design.

This exclusive dock extrusion was designed to offer a clean looking, modern design dock while also providing rigid strength, without the need for taller truss design. This low profile dock comes complete with foam filled floatation billets and a heavy duty steel hinge connection system with build in chain retainer. The extrusion also allows dock accessories suck as bumper padding and cleats to slide into the frames grooves to prevent drilling into the decking or dock frame with fasteners. Because of the rigid framework this dock system will work great for commercial or residential purposes. Available in Pressure Treated, Cedar or PVC decking.

R&J Machine - LUX Floating Dock
R&J Machine LUX Floating Dock System - hinge
Hinges: Heavy Duty steel Hinges for secure rigid connection.
Corner of a LUX float dock

Anchor Attachment: Built in anchor chain holder.

R&J Machine LUX Floating Dock System - top extrusion profile

Looking from top of dock: Aluminum extrusion allows decking to slide into place and remain secure in rough water conditions.

R&J Machine LUX Floating Dock System - cleat side profile

Top Track: Top track extrusion allows for a high strength frame connection for accessories like cleats and mooring whips etc.

R&J Machine LUX Floating Dock System - bumper trim 1

Side Rail: Side extrusion allows additional bumper padding to be added for your boats protection.