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Truss Pipe Docks


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R&J Machine docks are a result of over 30 years of quality workmanship. All of our aluminum docks are constructed with 6061T6 marine grade aluminum. Our heavy duty welded aluminum truss design allows us to span up to 16’ between legs. Our heavy duty corner extrusion, that accommodates 2 3/8” outside diameter pipe leg, features full length welded gussets in all corners and replaceable leg holder bolt assembly. Our Aluminum Truss Pipe Docks have a freeboard height of 15-18” from the waters surface.

All of our docks are available in frame only configuration or with 2’ removable decking panels. Our decking is available in Western Red Cedar, Sienna Pressure Treated Decking and Pro PVC decking. All of our decking panels are locked in place using easy to remove full length hold down trim strips. This prevents your decking panels from coming off in rough water conditions, while enabling you to remove your panels in the fall without getting into the water. Our docks also come with stainless steel hardware.

All of our docks purchased with decking come with side boards at no additional cost. Our 2 3/8” pipe leg is sold separately on a per foot basis. So you only pay for the exact length needed. We also have a complete line of dock accessories such as dock bumper, cleats, ladders, flagpoles and steps.

Wheel In Dock Option

This is an excellent option for someone with fluctuating water levels or for easy removal in the fall. A hand crank enables you to raise or lower the dock easily, whether it is for the purpose of moving your dock out into deeper water or into the shore for winter removal. The PVC wheels work well on hard gravel or sand bottoms.

This chart shows the approximate weight in (lbs.) of the dock sections, excluding fascia sideboards.


                              12'         16'       20'      24'

Width          4'        137       171      214      243

                   6'        141       190      238      269

                   8'        168       210      263      295


  • Our legs are 2-3/8" O.D. aluminum or steel tubing for extra rigidity.
  • Leg braces are available to allow you to operate in deeper water.
  • Aluminum base pads are available to keep legs from sinking into the bottom.
  • Concrete base pads are available also for muddy bottoms.
  • Dock Bumper Trim
  • Swim Ladders
  • Benches
  • Flagpoles
  • Solar Deck lights
  • Mooring Cleats & Whips


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