The Advantages of Owning a Marine Railway System


If keeping your boat safe and secure is a top priority, you should consider installing a marine railway system on your shoreline.

You’ve probably seen them around your lake and wondered what they’re all about. Marine railways are ideal for cottage owners who are looking for peace of mind. Gone are the worries of wind and wave damage, and fiberglass osmosis damage from sustained hull exposure to water. Get ultimate security in knowing that your boat is safe and dry. Marine railways can be comparable to other lift systems in cost, and are ideal for property owners that wish to store their boat on their own property for winter.

The advantages of installing a marine railway system on your property include:

Low Maintenance & Ease of Use

Your boat can be stored on your railway, out of the water, during the cold winter months. Marine railways provide the easiest way to get your boat out of the water using an electric winch and yes, the electric winches can come with a remote control! There are also winches available that can allow a normal gravity fed Marine Railway to operate in very shallow water.

Keep Your Boat Safe, Secure, and Clean

Nothing works better than a marine railway system to get your boat out of the water and onto dry land. They offer ample strength and are designed to prevent warping under heavy loads. Railway systems have a fully carpeted keel area and adjustable guideposts that lead your boat safely onto the carriage, completely out of the water. Your boat investment is safe and secure!

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Cottage

With a railway system, proper boat storage is one item on your to-do list you can permanently cross off. Be 100{8aa9ea8338ead9150c2c0709118750caf5bd15ee3b7e982687aa20721ac09eef} confident that your boat is always damage-free after a storm or rough water, whether you’re at the cottage or not. And since your boat’s out of the water, you won’t have to scrub lake scum build-up off its exterior. A marine railway system will give you more time to enjoy your cottage.


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track running into boat house


track to boat house