5 signs that a floating dock is the best choice for your shoreline.

Floating dock

The first step towards sitting on your new dock, worry-free, is to take note of your shoreline’s conditions. Whether your new dock will serve as the go-to spot for stargazing, fishing, or cannonball competitions, it’s important to carefully consider what style of dock is best for your property and needs.


A floating dock would be perfect for you if…

  • Your lake has fluctuating water levels or very deep water.

You’ll never have to worry about walking outside on a crisp, summer morning, coffee in hand, only to realize your dock is completely submerged. Floating docks automatically adjust to high and low water conditions.


  • Your lake freezes and you’d prefer not to remove the dock from the water.

In most cases, floating docks can withstand ice and be left in the water during winter. Ideally, they should be detached from the shore and moved to a protected area such as a bay.


  • Multiple boat slips, a large seating area and/or a custom design is part of your plan.

If you’re looking for a non-traditional dock that will get people waving, a floating dock would be a solid choice. Shapes and sizes are flexible based on your needs and the amount of boats you plan to tie off.


  • You don’t want to worry about rodents invading your dock.

R&J Machine’s floating docks use polyethylene flotation billets that are foam filled, making them very unlikely to be affected rodents. The flotation billets run full length on the dock for added stability for those who may be less confident around the water.


  • Boat damage is a concern.

Floating docks eliminate the need to calculate how much extra line is needed to compensate for fluctuating water levels. You can feel confident placing bumpers knowing that there won’t be any problems from high or low tides.


Your dock’s ability to adapt to various conditions will make the difference between an enjoyable waterfront experience and something that causes you nothing but headaches. No two shorelines are the same – if you would like one of our dock experts to help find you the perfect dock, contact us through the form below.


Floating Dock 2
Steel tube floating dock with aluminum tapered ramp
Floating Dock 1
Custom floating docks with lower freeboard