Electrical Safety Around The Dock

Electrical Safety Authority


With the increasing number of electrical options for Boatlifts, Marine, Railways Boathouses and having electrical outlets run down to your dock; it’s a good time to remember to be safe when dealing with electricity around the water.  The Electrical Safety Authority has published a couple documents, links below, regarding Electrical Safety Around the Dock, and Preventing Electrical Shock Around Public and Private Docks.


R&J Machine - Electrical Cantilever Boatlift Marine railway 20000lb


This document discusses who is the Electrical Safety Authority,  their primary activities and what they are responsible for. It will also provide you with information on safety, electric shock drowning and preventative procedures to help ensure everyone’s safety.


The document titled ‘Preventing Electrical Shock Around Public and Private Docks’ outlines some guidelines to installation and equipment maintenance.  It covers having an certified electrician install/inspect your system, GFCI protections and wiring issues. Click on the image below to read the full document.


We encourage everyone to read helpful material that keeps you informed, do your research, and take preventative measure to ensure that your system is as safe as possible so everyone can have a great time out on the water.