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Fabricated Frame and Extrusion Warranty -10 Year

R&J Machine guarantees that our manufactured metal products are free from defects in material or workmanship under normal conditions for which they were intended for a 10 year period from the date of purchase.

During the warranty period, R&J Machine will repair or replace the product, as required, free of charge upon presentation of the invoice. This warranty is extended only to the first buyer/owner other than an authorized Dealer who has purchased the product from R&J machine to resale to the public.


This warranty does not apply to fasteners, hardware, and floats which may carry their own warranty. It also does not apply to damage caused by improper installation, overloading, impact by boats or other objects in the water, damage by severe weather conditions including snow or ice, insufficient anchoring.

Labour not covered by warranty.

This warranty does not cover alteration of the aluminum on any R&J Machine manufactured products.

Basic Limited Warranty-2 Year

The 2 year Basic Warranty covers the cost of all parts and labor and applies to Canopies, Bunks, Cables, Motors, pulleys, winch components, remote control, power pack components, bushings-moving parts, and R&J Machine manufactured accessories. Damage to electric components caused by overload, corrosion, submersion, low voltage, blatant misuse, improper installation, or acts of God are not covered under warranty.

This warranty does not apply to decking materials, fasteners, hardware, floats, and dock accessories which may carry their own warranty. Labour not covered by warranty.

This warranty does not cover the cost of adding anything to your Boat Lift, Dock or Marine Railway once it is delivered or installed, even if parts, components or modifications are changed or added as a production change on other products produced after your Boat Lift, Dock or Marine Railway was built.

R&J Machine is not liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages resulting from the misuse of R&J Machine products and does not assume any liability of purchaser or others for injury to persons or property.

Components and options which carry their own manufactures warranty are excluded from this Warranty.

The warranty is subject to the following exceptions:

  • This warranty covers normal consumer usage and does not cover damages, which in R&J Machine’s opinion results from abnormal operating conditions, accidents, excess weight, abuse, improper storage, maladjustment, neglect, poor assembly, poor installation.
  • Warranties do not cover products left in the ice. R&J Machine always recommends removing Docks, Boat Lifts and Marine Railways for Winter storage.
  • Damages caused by a repair or an attempt to repair by other than an agent authorized by R&J Machine will void the warranty.
  • Modifications or alterations of the products will void the warranty.
  • Warranties do not include repairing damage caused by environmental factors or acts of God. “Environmental factors” include such things as airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, salt, electrolysis, and water hazards. “Acts of God” include such things as hailstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, sandstorms, lightning, floods and earthquakes.
  • Warranties do not cover the labor costs to repair and or replace warranted products.
  • Warranties do not cover the costs of repairing damage to the warranted product caused by poor/ improper maintenance or improper installation.
  • Warranties do not cover costs to repair damage done to the boat by the warranted product. Examples scratches, dents, puncture damage, or finishes like paint/gel coat.
  • Warranties do not cover the costs of normal/scheduled maintenance of your aluminum R&J Machine Boat Lift, or Marine Railway.
  • Warranties do not cover the cost to repair warranted products caused by not complying with the specifications or instructions.
  • Warranties do not cover the costs of repairing damage or conditions caused by fire or accident; by abuse or negligence; by misuse (including raising or lowering the Boat Lift with people in the boat or water in the boat); by tampering with parts; by improper adjustment or alteration; or by any changes made to your R&J Machine Boat Lift or Marine Railway the cost of rental hoist or slip; gasoline, telephone, travel or lodging; the loss of personal or commercial property; the loss of revenue, etc.
  • Transport, Removal and reinstallation costs are not covered by this warranty.

To receive more information or to reach out to service the obligations under this warranty please call R&J Machine at 705-652-6731 or email service@rjmachine.ca.  Please provide a copy of the original invoice and/or description of the product and the problems you are having. Also, if you are able to send a picture of the item as well that is very helpful.

By supporting a small business, you help support a dream, a family and so much more, thank you for your patronage


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