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At R&J Machine we build products that will last years on end, but over time you will need to check your cables, grease your pulleys etc. There also may be times where the lake bottom has changed and you need your products adjusted or reveled.

When it comes time to do a little maintenance on your R&J Machine products; you can call or email us to request a service call.  Our service department specializes in servicing our own R&J Machine products and can get a work order ready to have our experienced service technician on-site to get the job done.

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, you too can call in or email us to order the materials you need to pick up or get some friendly advise for the situation you’re in.

Some of our typical service calls include:

  • Dock Re-leveling
  • Boatlift, Dock, Marine Railway, Overhead Lift Re-cabling
  • Boatlift or Railway bunk replacements
  • Bunk post, Bunk changes for new water craft.
  • Manual or Electric winch issues or Upgrades


Call us at 1-800-461-7638 or

E-mail us at



We have a number of items that you could be looking to replace which could include winches, pipe leg material, lost chains, post caps for dock and boatlifts, hold down trim screws and nuts for the decking on your dock and a few other common replacements pictures below.



Once you start to notice that your cables are starting to rust and fray, it’s time to start thinking about replacing them to avoid a hazardous situation.

We can provide aircraft grade galvanized steel cable or you can upgrade to a stainless steel cable.  On your Lift Up dock you would replace your current galvanized cables with new galvanized cables. For Boatlifts and Marine Railways, you can continue to use galvanized cables or upgrade to Stainless Steel cables to extend the life out of them.

Typically on a Boatlift or Marine Railway you would replace the galvanized cables approximately every 3 – 5 years and is also dependent on lake water conditions and acidity levels, where as stainless steel would get you 3 – 4 times the lifespan.

We have cables prepared and ready to go as well as a maintenance manual available for you.

Galvanized Cable Replacement for Boatlifts, Marine Railways
Replacement Cable Assembly available in Galvanized or Stainless Steel


If your old pulleys need to be replaced, we manufactures our pulleys  by using grease fitting and bronze bushings which provides strong durability and helps eliminate seizing.


R&J Machine Pulley with Grease Bolt - Combo pic
R&J Machine Pulley with Grease Bolt


As you get lots of use out of your boatlift, marine railway, or overhead lifts, you will notice that over time you will need to replace your bunks.

Our bunks are manufactured with marine grade carpet for exceptional durability and are available to order in a variety of sizes to accommodate your R&J Machine product.

PWC Lift marine grade carpeted bunks



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