2018 Summer Pricing

*** Prices have changed throughout the season so as of July 1st the posted price lists are to be used as a general guideline understanding that final pricing will be determined in office.  Please call or email for up to date pricing.***

R&J Machine – 2018 Summer Dock Pricing

R&J Machine – 2018 Summer Dock Accessories & Hardware Pricing

R&J Machine – 2018 Summer Boatlift & PWC Pricing

R&J Machine – 2018 Summer Marine Railway Pricing


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Product Manuals

R&J Machine Manufactured Product Manuals

How to raise your Lift-Up Dock Manual

You are the proud new owners of an R&J Machine Lift-Up Dock, the season is coming to an end and it’s time to remove your Lift-Up Dock for the winter. Click on the above link and you’ll find the directions to properly and safely setup and lift your dock system as well as lowering it in the spring.

PWC Lift Installation and Maintenance Manual

Pick a convenient spot to place your watercraft lift. Ensure the bottom has a solid base before setting the lift. It may be necessary to place patio slabs on the bottom for the base feet to sit on to ensure a solid placement. All adjustments and installations should be made with the top bunk in the fully raised position…

Wheel In Dock Installation and Maintenance Manual

Slide the wheel unit under the dock with the sliding end to the front of the dock. This is the end with the caps…

Cantilever Boat Lift Safety and Instruction Manual
Winch Safety and Boat Lift inspection instructions




PWC Lift Manual – Cantilever

Boat Lift Installation and Maintenance Manual

It is critical to have the legs resting on a flat, solid bottom to ensure the lift will remain level. Concrete slabs or flat rocks are a good base. Minor adjustments may be required after the boat has been placed on lift to ensure the desired level is maintained…

Lift Up Dock – Lifting Instructions

Before you can prepare to lift your dock, you must first remove all the deck boards. It is advisable to start at the far end and remove to the shore keeping track of the order of removal so they can be re-installed in reverse order and all will fit properly!…


Marine Railway Installation Manual

Set nose cone down on the ground where you will be securing It to. At this point decide what is required to properly slope the section so the carriage will freely roll…

Placement Of Deck Board Sections To Dock Frame

After removing the trim strips, it is recommended to replace all the screws back into the nuts in the channel and slightly tighten. This will prevent the nuts from sliding down the channel while lifting…

Vertical Lift.Assembly for Bolt Together Vertical Boat Lifts

Assemble lower horizontal side supports to Upright vertical frame…

Dock Edge Product Manuals

Wooring Whip Installation

Dutton-Lainson Winch Manuals

B3500brake winch

B2500brake winch

B1500brake winch

B1200brake winch


Kasco Product Manuals

Time & Temperature Unit Control c-20 instrucitons


Kasco Thermometer c-10_instructions

Kasco de-icer_schematic

Gem Remotes Product Manual

GEM Manual

GEM wiring diagram 07 2012

Lift Tech Electric Winch Install Guides

2013-DLB2500-DLB3500 lift Tech

2013-B1200-B1500 Lift tech

Wave Armour Product Manuals

Wave Armour – OtterIslandBackRests-Feb2009

Wave Armour – AnchorClevisKit for floating raft

Wave Armour – 22950_SnapInCapSLX

Wave Armour – 21902_Port-to-PortSideAttachDLX