Originally designed for marina application we are now doing a wide variety of layouts using this style of dock for the cottager. Manufactured from 24” steel tubes they are exceptionally stable and work excellent in rough water, or where a large stable dock is required.

Steel Tube Floating dock with tiki hut

They can, on most applications, stay in the water year round without the ice damaging them. Available with either; PT Sienna, Western Red Cedar, or PVC decking.
These are the ultimate in floating docks.

Steel Tube Residential Floater

Manufactured from 24” steel tubes they are exceptionally stable and work excellent in rough water

Steel Tube Floating Dock

For residential purposes we do U shaped, T shaped, L shaped or straight-out configurations.



We do complete marina installations from design build to contract quotes.
We manufacture a complete line of single and double tube floating docks. They offer unparalleled stability and durability in either a residential or commercial marina environment. All of our steel tube floaters are individually designed for your particular application. From a large T shape to a full marina layout we offer a full design build service.

In a marina environment we do single and double tube configurations.

We have completed projects for the City of Peterborough Municipal Marina,the Village of Lakefield Municipal Marina, the Hastings Municipal Marina as well as numerous privately owned facilities.

We also manufacture Commercial Docking Systems out of our Aluminum Truss Floating Docks and Aluminum Truss Pipe Docks.  These systems are perfect for Resorts, Campgrounds, Trailer Parks, and Recreation Camp facilities.

Lindsay Harbour Pipe Dock System

Aluminum Truss Pipe Docks for Harbour front Development

If you are building a marina, condominium or residential community we would be interested in giving you a quote. Check out our Photo Gallery below to see a few of our completed projects. Our Design Build section also for custom bridges, boardwalks and specialty dock systems suitable for commercial applications.

More Photos of Our Commercial Dock Systems